In The Spotlight: Cara Pellino

Portrait of Cara Pellino

It takes a team of very skilled individuals to support this important program. As we progress forward with our critical work, we want to take a moment and highlight some of our key individuals. Today, we get to know Cara Pellino a little bit better:

  1. Where did you grow up?
    New York.

  2. What is your role within Georgia Memory Net?
    Access to Services Manager which includes oversight of ARC’s ADRC. I receive MAC referrals directly and assign to our Community Options Counselors.

  3. How long have you been a part of Georgia Memory Net?
    Since its inception.

  4. What is your favorite thing about working with Georgia Memory Net?
    The people—it’s a great network of professionals who share similar goals in helping to move the needle on early detection, intervention, treatment and support of those living with or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or related dementia.

  5. What inspired you to go into this field and join Georgia Memory Net?
    It sounds cliché, but helping people is the driving force.

  6. If you could do any other job, what would it be?
    Professional organizer.

  7. Do you have any pets?
    Yes, two Pitbull mixes—Josie and Finn.

  8. What is your hidden talent?
    Reality TV trivia.

  9. What is your favorite movie and why?
    Anything with Melissa McCarthy—I love movies that make me laugh.

  10. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

  11. This has been a crazy few weeks, any advice for staying happy and healthy while sheltering in place?
    Stay connected virtually with family and friends, spend time outside, and try to stay in the moment.

Georgia Memory Net at a Glance

What is Georgia Memory Net and why does it exist? There’s so much information about Alzheimer’s and related dementias in Georgia, and how to diagnose and treat them, that it can become overwhelming. We’ve done our best to simplify the info into a clear one-page infographic.

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