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Georgia Memory Net is a statewide early diagnosis and care program for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, supported by the Georgia Department of Human Services’ (DHS) Georgia Alzheimer’s Project (GAP). Georgia Memory Net established five clinics in 2018 with $4 million in state health funds. Georgia Memory Net-supported outreach and training activities provide resources to Georgia physicians and medical professionals on how to use the Medicare-supported Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) to screen for early memory loss and cognitive decline. Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) are encouraged to refer patients who demonstrate signs of memory loss and cognitive decline to a regional Georgia Memory Net Memory Assessment Clinic.

At each Memory Assessment Clinic, trained clinicians do comprehensive diagnostic assessments and care planning. Each Memory Assessment Clinic has a Community Services Educator (CSE) who works with Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs), the Alzheimer’s Association and other organizations to provide education and support for Georgians living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, as well as their care partners. The Memory Assessment Clinics share diagnosis and care recommendations with the patient’s Primary Care Physician, so the provider is better prepared to treat the patient’s memory issues and cognitive decline. Georgia Memory Net expansion is anticipated in the future, so even more Georgians will have access to these vital diagnostic services.

Georgia Memory Net at a Glance

What is Georgia Memory Net and why does it exist? There’s so much information about Alzheimer’s and related dementias in Georgia, and how to diagnose and treat them, that it can become overwhelming. We’ve done our best to simplify the info into a clear one-page infographic.

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