Georgia Memory Net Is Proud to Support
the Georgia Chapter of the ACP

What is Georgia Memory Net?

Georgia Memory Net is a statewide project made possible by a mandate from the Georgia State Legislature. We provide Primary Care Providers fast, accurate diagnoses for their patients who exhibit signs of memory loss or cognitive impairment. Then we provide planning and connection to community services to support Primary Care Providers in the ongoing care of their patients.

Welcome to our virtual event table!

Normally we'd have an event table staffed with friendly faces and stocked with informative handouts. Since our event is now virtual, we can save a few trees and provide a range of information to inform you about Georgia Memory Net and our goal of helping Georgians connect to the care they need. And if you're missing the friendly faces, grab a business card below and reach out to us—we'd love to connect.

GMN PCP Brochure cropped

GMN Intro Brochure
All the basics
of GMN

GMN PCP Top 10 cropped

GMN Top 10
Ten things to know about
our network

GMN AWV Top 10 cropped

AWV Top 10
Annual Wellness Visit basics
you should know

GMN Process Infographic Flow Chart cropped

GMN Process
From referral to return, how our funnel works


GMN at a Glance
The basics of GMN in a handy infographic

GMN Go Annual Overview cropped

The Annual Wellness Visit
Learn more about the free Annual Wellness Visit

GMN Business Card cropped

GMN Business Card
Let's connect—here's our virtual business card

Can you support our network?

Georgia Memory Net is a nonprofit that depends on leadership and advocacy from physicians around our state. Let us know if you are willing to be part of our network.

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