About Us:


Georgia Memory Net is supported by the Georgia Department of Human Services’ Georgia Alzheimer’s Project, along with partners in Georgia academic institutions, community organizations, professional associations, and the State Aging and Disabilities Resource Connection Network. Georgia Memory Net seeks to:

  • Improve screening and care of Georgians with memory loss and other cognitive impairments linked to Alzheimer’s and related dementias via a sustainable, primary care driven model.
  • Support regional Memory Assessment Clinics (MACs) to improve Georgians’ access to early and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, and to improve long-term care and outcomes for patients and caregivers.
  • Provide ongoing training for MAC providers and staff, primary care providers, and community partners to ensure optimal care and linkages to support networks.
  • Evaluate our progress and enhance linkage to care across MAC, PCP, and community partners over the long term. We will do this by using technology resources to ensure that all partners, including patients and their families, remain supported and informed.
For Patients

If you're a Medicare-eligible adult, you're entitled to an Annual Wellness Visit - a health screening with your Primary Care Physician that's paid for by Medicare. This includes a 3-minute screening tool used to detect memory problems and certain related challenges. Whether you're concerned about memory loss or not, your first step should be making an Annual Wellness Visit appointment with your Primary Care Doctor.

For Care Partners

Have you seen signs of memory loss or difficulty in thinking or decision making in a loved one? The first step to diagnosis and treatment is a discussion about their memory or thinking concerns with their memory or thinking concerns with their Primary Care Provider. If certain criteria are met, their doctor can provide a referral to Georgia Memory Net for diagnostic assessments and care planning.

For Healthcare Professionals

Georgia Memory Net is a dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with the resources they need to help diagnose patients experiencing memory loss or cognitive impairments. The network also provides initial support and education while linking patients and care partners with community resources that can provide ongoing support. The first step is your mini-Cog assessment during patients' Annual Wellness Visit, and your referral to a Georgia Memory Net center if appropriate.

Here For Everyone


Maybe you’re under 65, not eligible for Medicare, or can’t receive your Annual Wellness Visit for any other reason, but you still have concerns about memory problems or thinking difficulties. You can still talk to your primary care provider to find out if a referral to one of Georgia Memory Net’s Memory Assessment Clinics is right for you.

Stay Connected


Georgia Memory Net is just getting started! We’d love to keep in touch to let you know as we grow. We’ll keep you up to date with the network, our Memory Assessment Clinics, and the latest news. Just click below to sign up.

Georgia Memory Net at a Glance

What is Georgia Memory Net and why does it exist? There’s so much information about Alzheimer’s and related dementias in Georgia, and how to diagnose and treat them, that it can become overwhelming. We’ve done our best to simplify the info into a clear one-page infographic.

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