Hopefully you’ll never need a trip to the emergency room.

But if you, or the person you care for, has dementia it’s best to be prepared.

A trip to the emergency room is already difficult. Not having access to all the information the staff and doctors need can make it even harder. You can be prepared by printing this Grab-N-Go resource and filling it out. Then you’ll be prepared to share the info that’s needed in the emergency room.

What else is in your Emergency room “Go Bag”?

If you have dementia, or are a Care Partner (sometimes called a Caregiver) for someone who does, it’s a good idea to prepare a “Go Bag.” Your Go Bag is full of the things you might need in the event of a trip to the emergency room.

Keep your Go Bag handy—in a coat closet or by the door.

  • Grab-N-Go document
  • Set of clothes: underwear, socks, slippers, pants, shirt
  • Adult pull-ups
  • Plastic bag
  • Tissues
  • Wet wipes
  • Skin cream
  • Lip balm
  • Entertainment (books, magazines, cards, knitting)
  • Spare phone charger
  • Notepad & pen
  • A copy of advance directive and healthcare power of attorney
  • Healthcare card
  • Snacks and water


Make sure you have a luggage tag on your go bag with your name and number on it.


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